Maximize Optimization by Retesting Blacklisted SubIDs

One of the best ways to avoid missing valuable traffic and potential conversions on our platform is by retesting blacklisted subIDs! Intent driven type-in traffic behaviors change and can be affected by many factors including season, device, offer and day of the week.  Because of these variables we recommend retesting at least every three months or as seasonality changes … Read more

Travel Traffic is Taking Off ✈️

Great deals and pent-up demand are leading a surge in travel booking for spring and summer trips. These factors combined with travel restrictions loosening worldwide and warmer weather beginning to arrive have consumer confidence in travel at a level we have not seen in almost a year! In a recent survey, over 80% of respondents … Read more

Global eCommerce Traffic 🌎

Global eCommerce Sales Continue to Accelerate, Representing As Much As Half of All Retail Sales In Some Countries! This year, eCommerce will contribute to a staggering 52.1% of China’s total retail sales! The next two closest countries were South Korea at 28.9% and the United Kingdom at 28.1%. (eMarketer) Trellian has premium global traffic available for your eCommerce offers including brands, … Read more

Strong Traffic for Nutra & Wellness 💪🍎

After a physically stagnant year, consumers are ready to get moving. In fact, over half of all News Year’s Resolutions included weight loss and exercise. If you have offers, we have high quality and relevant traffic available! These verticals are on fire as consumers look to burn more calories! Diet Nutra Fitness • Keto• Weight … Read more

The Time is Now for Tax Offers and Deals!

Tax season is here and the race is on! 84% of consumers plan to file taxes before march 1st. And what are consumers planning to do with their tax refunds? Well, over 34% are planning to use their tax refunds to pay down debt! As a result, it’s also a great time for credit offers. … Read more

Optimize Campaign ROI By Whitelisting

When running a keyword campaign on our platform, advertisers are able to see the current average and highest bid prices for their selected keyword. Once a new keyword campaign is created and your bid established, relevant domain subIDs assigned to that keyword will start being sent to your landing page. All subIDs have an associated … Read more

Increase Conversions With A/B Testing URL Feature

Landing page A/B testing is a great way to increase conversions and gain key insights on what resonates best with your targeted audience.   While there are many components to look at when running a campaign, forgetting to try out different landing pages or making changes to the landing page for your offers can result in money being … Read more

Trellian- We Are Here For You!

During this very difficult time where COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, we hope that you, your families, friends and communities are staying healthy and safe. Together we stand, supporting each other to get through these challenging times. We have heard from many of our customers asking about category demand and available traffic opportunities. … Read more

Hot Home Improvement Traffic Available Now!

Spring time is approaching which means time for remodeling projects! Secure your portion of the Home Improvements & Real Estate market with Trellian’s premium hot traffic!  Hot Home Improvement Traffic available in the following categories:  Flooring Furniture Appliances Remodeling Home Decor Security Systems Window Treatments Other related hot traffic verticals includes – Real Estate, Mortgage, … Read more