Trillion Direct

Bypass search and bring users directly to your landing page when they are showing an active need for your product and/or service.


Trillion Direct | Domain Name

Connect with consumers at the exact moment of brand intent that requires no creative and captures the user prior to their search journey.

Direct navigation search occurs when a user types a keyword-filled domain name into their browser’s address bar. These are high-intent search users who are bypassing search engines because they know exactly what they want, and they want it now.

Trillion Direct | Remarketing

(Coming Soon)

Remarketing utilizes a cost per visit pricing system. This is used to effectively target repeat users who are redirected to your landing page when they visit another domain name in the Trillion network.

All remarketing bids are run in a second price auction meaning regardless of your multiplier you will only pay $.01 higher than the next highest bid. 

Trillion Direct Remarketing