Trellian Is Now Trillion Featured Image

Trellian Is Now Trillion

We are delighted to announce that Trellian has, after so many years, rebranded to Trillion. The name that we always wanted but were unable to secure the domain at the time. Why Trillion? Our new name represents our belief in the unlimited potential of our existing and upcoming product offerings.  As part of this exciting evolution, … Read more

Tips for Optimal BFCM Campaign Performance

Over $25 Billion in revenue is expected to be generated this year by Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Electronics, Clothing and Home Goods leading the demand. Use these campaign success hacks for optimal campaign performance: Optimize for Results Retest campaign blacklisted subIDs every 30 days. Type-in intent for a domain name search changes throughout the year for … Read more

Meet Us in Vegas at LeadsCon!

The Trellian team is getting their bags packed and ready to take on Las Vegas again for the first in-person LeadsCon show in roughly two years! Stop by Trellian’s booth to learn more about our traffic and to discuss exclusive opportunities in our highest performing verticals: FINANCE — Personal Loans, Student Loans, Mortgage, Auto Finance, Credit Cards … Read more

Gain A Competitive Advantage Using Trellian Resources

Affiliate Marketing is a highly competitive industry, which is why it’s so important to make sure you’re frequently testing and optimizing your campaigns. Trellian provides several simple to use features and helpful tips to help your campaigns run more efficiently. For most new features or tips to use Trellian’s platform, either written instructions or a … Read more

Boost Performance with Generic Keywords Using Inventory Search!

Did you know the most profitable way to quickly scale your branded campaigns on Trellian’s platform is by adding generic keywords? Generic keywords are often available at a lower cost-per-visit compared to branded keywords. Blending branded and generic keywords can lead to a lower average cost per conversion, which in turn will increase your overall … Read more

Discover New Revenue Opportunities with Inventory Search

Trellian’s keyword inventory search empowers performance marketers with valuable access to traffic inventory opportunities. Inventory search allows marketers to access Trellian’s keyword inventory, which includes estimated traffic volume and the overall competitive bid landscape for individual keywords within relevant categories. This information helps marketers on our platform know which high payout offers to look for … Read more

Get Your Mother’s Day Offers Ready!

Did you know Mother’s Day is the 3rd biggest retail holiday in terms of revenue? Last year, 86% of consumers celebrated Mother’s Day and spent an average of $205 on gifts according to the NRF. Mother’s Day spending has consistently grown every year over the past decade and those celebrating this year are expected to spend more than ever on the important … Read more

Insurance Offers Performing Well Year-Round

After a tough year, insurance is more important than ever to consumers. Everyone knows “life happens” which is why insurance is one of the best performing verticals year-round. Within the insurance vertical, there are many categories of insurance to choose from. One example of these different categories would be health insurance. Just last week the … Read more

Relevant Traffic for Tax Offers and Sites!

Tax Day has been pushed to May 17, and over 100 million Americans still need to file! With the recently extended tax deadline, many Americans still need to file their taxes as they anticipated the date to be pushed back.  According to the IRS, 90% of the 100 million people who still have yet to submit their returns … Read more

Hot Real Estate + Home Improvement Traffic

Spring is in the air, and the real estate market is BOOMING! In fact, a recent report from Coldwell Bankers found that one in five homeowners plan to sell their house this year. For users on our platform this is an ideal time to run offers for all things related to real estate and home … Read more