About Trillion

Award Winning SEO & SEM Tools

Established in 1997, Trillion (formerly known as Trellian) became a pioneer in the category of web-based, self-serve SEO tools with the launch of SubmitWolf and SEO Toolkit. The eventual launch of KeywordDiscovery.com further cemented Trillion’s position as a leader in SEO and SEM tools.

It didn’t take long for these tools to earn over 40 industry awards and help over 3,000,000 online businesses develop a competitive advantage in acquiring targeted traffic.

Domain Industry Pioneer and Technology Leader

At the same time in 1997, Trillion began investing in domain names, eventually becoming one of the largest domain portfolio holders in the world.

Then in 2008, Trillion leapfrogged past domain industry traffic monetization services with the launch of its award-winning domain asset portfolio management platform, Above.com. This platform offers domain investors a registrar designed for their needs plus a buy/sell marketplace. However, its key competitive advantage involves its time-saving ability to send each domain visitor to the highest earning monetization channel.

Providing Advertisers With Non-Traditional, High Quality Search Traffic

One of the more innovative elements of the Above.com platform from the very beginning has been its integration with Trillion Direct (formerly known as Trellian Direct Search Network). This integration produces a win-win scenario for domain investors and online advertisers.

  • Advertisers win by being able to bid on and acquire high-intent direct navigation search traffic that domain investors make available on the Above.com platform.
  • Domain investors win by using the Above.com platform to earn more revenue thanks to having multiple monetization channels compete for their domain traffic.

Well Deserved Reputation For High Quality Technology-based Solutions

Over the years, Trillion has worked hard to earn its reputation for providing clients with the innovative, technology-based solutions they need to save time and improve results. See a full list of the various Trillion brands that have helped clients from all types of businesses achieve great results.

Our Mission

At Trillion, our mission is to empower our clients with data to make smart decisions and provide tools to simplify the execution of those decisions.

Our Company founder’s slogan is still our core driver: “It matters not what you do, as long as you are the best one doing it.” (Ren)

Trillion is a privately owned company based in Melbourne, Australia with offices and staff in Australia, China, India, Philippines, United Kingdom and the United States.

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