Increase Conversions With A/B Testing URL Feature

Landing page A/B testing is a great way to increase conversions and gain key insights on what resonates best with your targeted audience.  

While there are many components to look at when running a campaign, forgetting to try out different landing pages or making changes to the landing page for your offers can result in money being left on the table!  

Headlines are especially important as studies show the average human attention span is just 8.25 seconds. If your headline is not compelling, you may lose your viewer before they can see the rest of your page. 

Whether you are testing two different landing pages or changes within the same page, testing will make sure your page is performing at its highest capacity. Even changing a few words in your call-to-action or swapping out an image can lead to a better conversion rate. 

Testing performance between landing pages is as easy as opening the edit tab in a current campaign and adding a “B” URL as shown in the video below. Login to your Trellian account to try it out and let us know if you have any questions!