Tips for Optimal BFCM Campaign Performance

Over $25 Billion in revenue is expected to be generated this year by Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Electronics, Clothing and Home Goods leading the demand.

Use these campaign success hacks for optimal campaign performance:

Optimize for Results

  • Retest campaign blacklisted subIDs every 30 days. Type-in intent for a domain name search changes throughout the year for various factors including seasonality. Check your blacklisted subids for retesting.
  • Use new subID whitelist opportunities for greater ROAS. We recommend blending in new subIDs offered in more traffic opportunities. Select, whitelist and test.

Don’t Lose Momentum and Ranking by Running out of Funds

  • Make sure you have ample funds by setting auto billing and activating your balance notification found in “Add Funds.”

Expand Reach with Generic Keywords

  • Capture buyers at all stages of the buying cycle with intent driven generic keywords. Check your inventory search for high performing generic keywords.

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