The End of the Overture Suggestions Tool – This time for sure

If you have not noticed, the Overture suggestion tool and respective regional versions are now redirecting to Search Marketing website instead:

Confirming with Yahoo, the tool has officially been axed.

The Overture tool has long been used by webmaster, affiliates, PPC advertisers, and also by many 3rd party tools. But alas the time has come to say our final goodbye to the pioneer of Keyword Research. Thank you for the years when there was no alternative.

Unfortunately for too many years the Overture tool was not improved on and let slide to a level where the results displayed were just far too skewed. So skewed that the tool was attracting more and more “bad press” along with all those unofficial 3rd party tools causing server load issues, both drove Yahoo to pull the plug.

Many may not know, but Yahoo still has a keyword tool, simply login to a search marketing account and you can do your keyword research with even more features, some very similar to the Google keyword tool…