Update and New Features

Some existing news, updates and new feature recently releases at

KeywordDiscovery Updates:

1. Premium Global Keyword Database

As we strive to continually improve on keyword relevancy and accuracy, we have last week release a total re-index of all of our Premium keyword databases. Many skews identified and reported by our users were filtered out. As a result we are left with a much cleaner keyword data set that has over 2 billion searches in the Premium Global database.

2. New Historical Premium Databases…

We have released for every Premium database, a respective Historical database of keywords that have data from August 2006 onwards. In other words, every keyword database now has its own respective Historical database with close to 2 years worth of data….

3. Existing Historical Global Database

We have also maintained the existing Historical Global Database which is still over 36 billion searches. Great for niche market research and PPC campaigns.

4. New Feature – Inflected Form Search

A new search feature has been released. For more information please see: