SES France canned

It’s a tough world out there, and it’s even tougher in France.

Not only do they speak a weird language, they also go on strike for any reason, provided it’s to do with priviledges a specific class wants to keep.

But I digress…

The latest casualty in the French world is the Search Engine Strategies in Paris.

It was to take place at the end of November and has now disappeared from the roadmap, replaced by the SES Forum in January.

Mind you, it lasted two years, with last year event boasting a huge 200 attendance, with no more than 180 speakers, friends of speakers and family …

Well, well, well, maybe it’s simply because it’s organized by an American company ?

What do you think ? i will be happy to read your comments below…

Maxime Grandchamp

1 thought on “SES France canned”

  1. Irony ?

    It’s true that french organizers of this kind of event are generally disappointed by the lack of enthusiasm shown by professionnals about this discipline…

    …Perhaps precisely because there are only a few serious actors on the subject in France.

    Hope the new French branch of Trellian will be able to boost the market and contribute changing attitudes in the right direction.


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