Performance Tracking & Optimization

Each traffic source is identified by a unique SubID. You can blacklist the sources you do not want to receive traffic from, or place higher bids on sources which have higher value to you.


Why Track Keywords and SubIDs?

Use the Keyword or SubID performance data captured by your website analytics tool to optimize your campaign.

You can optimize your campaign by:

  1. Adjusting Keywords or fine-tuning bids up or down.

  2. Blacklisting (i.e. blocking) or Whitelisting SubIDs. Just click the "Edit" link appearing next to the respective keyword in your campaign folder's dashboard and then select the "Optimize" tab.

Optimizing can help you increase the ROI on your campaign.

Performance Tracking

To track the performance of a Keyword or RON campaign you will first need to add ?subid=$SUBID, ?kw=$KEYWORD or both to your target URL which will enable you to capture the SubID or Keyword substituted by Trillion Direct and track the performance per traffic source.

To do this, add ?subid=$SUBID, ?kw=$KEYWORD or both ?subid=$SUBID&kw=$KEYWORD to your URL when you Add Keywords or you can add it to an existing keyword by clicking the note pad icon in the URL Target column on the Dashboard and then add it to the end of the target URL.

You must then click Update to save your changes.

CPV Tracking

To help optimize your campaign, you can add ?cpv=$CPV to the end of your target URL which will then show in reports the amount paid for the traffic. This information can then be used to help whitelist and blacklist subids.

Whitelisting a SubID

To whitelist a Sub ID, click the Optimize link beside the keyword.

Select the Whitelist tab and then enter one Sub ID and price in the fields provided.

Then click the ADD button to save your whitelisted Sub ID(s).


  • A Sub ID must be removed from the blacklist before being able to whitelist it.
  • A Sub ID can not be whitelisted if your My Bid is less than the current Bid.

Placing a checkmark in the Allow traffic from all other Sub IDs check box will allow traffic from the whitelisted Sub ID(s) plus all other Sub ID(s) associated with this keyword.
The current my bid for this keyword will be applied to all other Sub ID(s).

The Max Bid can be updated to a higher amount than Min Bid, allowing the amount charged to fluctuate based on demand for the Sub ID.

The Rank shows the priority for receiving traffic from the Sub ID. The rank can be increased by updating the Min Bid and Max Bid bid range.

Blacklisting a Sub ID

To blacklist a Sub ID, click the Edit link beside the keyword.

Select the Optimize tab and then enter one Sub ID number per line and then click the ADD button.


  • A Sub ID must be removed from the whitelist before being able to blacklist it.
  • You can not blacklist more than 25% of the total traffic for a keyword. This limit does not apply to RON campaigns.

Tip: If you have no Sub IDs blacklisted and exceed the limit while adding multiple Sub IDs at once, please enter one Sub ID at a time.