ROI Tracking

ROI tracking is designed to track revenues against visitors sent, so you can optimize your traffic.

Accessing tracking documentation & examples page

Page URL:

How to access the ROI tracking documentation & examples page

In the left hand side menu of the Trillion web site:

  1. Locate and click on Resources to expand the Resources menu
  2. Locate and click on ROI Tracking
    Locate and click on ROI Tracking in the expanded Resources menu

Activating ROI Tracking (if required)

Once on the ROI Tracking page. If you see the message "ROI tracking is currently not enabled for this account." or something similar to the image below.
ROI tracking is currently not enabled for this account

To activate ROI Tracking for your account:

  1. Click the Activate button

Note: ROI Tracking activation is intantaneous

Supported ROI Tracking methods

There are three modes in which the ROI Tracking URL can be used.

  • Tracking Pixel - The url is included as a hidden image.
  • Javascript / S2S postback - The url is fetched directly, either from javascript, or s2s postback from a server.
  • Redirect Chain - The customer is redirected to the tracking url, which then redirects the customer back to your site.
    Note: Make sure to URL encode the url when using the Redirect Chain mode.

In all URLs, $SID should be replaced by the sid parameter sent to you with your traffic. This allows matching of the revenue to the original visitor sent. Consult your network's instructions for how to receive and pass back this value.

An optional a= parameter may be provided. The value is available in your login section, on the main ROI Tracking page. This value is not required when the sid is passed.

Tracking Pixel Example:

In this example, we will be using a hidden image to track revenue.

Example Tracking Pixel HTML:

<img src="$SID&r=23.95&img=gif">

Or for a secure site:

<img src="$SID&r=23.95&img=gif">

The script will respond with a transparent 1x1 gif image. Note that this image will be returned even if an error occurred and the request could not be processed.

Javascript / S2S Postback:

Use the following url as a postback, or to access from javascript:$SID&r=23.95

Redirect Chain Example:

In this mode, the customer is redirected to the ROI Tracking URL, which then redirects the customer back to your site.

Example Redirect Chain URL:$SID&r=23.95&

Or for a secure site:$SID&r=23.95&

Note that the redirect url must be url encoded. The url in the example is, which would be the page displayed following a successful order.