My Account

Your Trillion Direct / Trillion account can be managed by clicking your Username link at the top-right of the page, whenever you are logged in.

Account details, such as name, e-mail and address can be changed by clicking the Contact Details link in the Account Details section, then clicking the Edit Contact Details button.

Contact Details

The Contact Details page is where you can change your password and account contact details such as your email address, street address, telephone and others.

User Verification

To view the current verification status of your account, please click on the User Verification link.

To have full access and have traffic enabled, you must first verify your email address and your telephone number.

If your email address is not verified, please click the Resend Verification Email link. Another email containing a link to verify your account will be sent to the email address displayed. Click on the link in the email to confirm your email address.

To verify your telephone, click on the Verify Now link to start the automated process.

Once your account is fully verified, the page will display as below.


This is where you can select to receive the promotional Hot Traffic Opportunities, Trillion Newsletter and Special Promotion emails.

After making changes to your selection, be sure to click the Update button.

Add Funds

To top up your account, change the Balance Notification or Auto Billing settings, please click on the Add Funds link.

For more information, please go to the Adding Funds manual page.

Payment Methods

On this page you can set the default method to be billed for any Trillion Direct purchases and add or edit your credit card details on file.

Order History

The Order History page can be used to view all payments made to and deducted from your account. A detailed printable invoice for a transaction can also be viewed by clicking on the Invoice icon.

Tip: If you also use the platform and only wish to view the DSN related transactions, select Trillion Direct from the Product menu.

API Access Details

This page allows you to request API access by clicking the Request Access link or if access is already given, view the corresponding API key.