Boost Performance with Generic Keywords Using Inventory Search!

Did you know the most profitable way to quickly scale your branded campaigns on Trellian’s platform is by adding generic keywords? Generic keywords are often available at a lower cost-per-visit compared to branded keywords. Blending branded and generic keywords can lead to a lower average cost per conversion, which in turn will increase your overall profits!

Trellian’s Inventory Search feature has a built-in ability to find new generic keyword opportunities related to your brand offer, which will allow you to capture leads at every stage of the buying cycle.

Only targeting a specific branded keyword in your campaign will often limit your reach to users at the final “decision” phase of the buying cycle. These consumers have already moved through the other phases and know exactly which brand and product they want.

However, restricting your keywords to a specific brand excludes a huge portion of consumers who can easily be converted into customers. A majority of consumers recognize they have a need, but are unsure of what to buy and are looking to be sold. Therefore, they are likely to go with one of the first offers or deals that will satisfy their identified need.

This is where the value of generic keywords come into play. Consumers often start searching by using a generic keyword at the top of the buying process. When these generic keywords are implemented into your campaign you will catch a whole new group of consumers you are missing by only using the brand as a keyword.

Check out our new video below, which will show you how easy it is to add top generic keywords associated with your offer.