API Queries - Update RON

The update_ron function allows you to change settings or the status of an existing Keyword. This function requires additional parameters. Although optional parameters are not all required, at least one must be included. Failing to include required parameters or at least one optional will result in an error response.

Additional Parameters

  • ron - Name of the RON campaign. (Required)
  • daily_limit - Daily spend limit for the RON. (Optional)
  • my_bid - Bid price for the RON. (Optional)
  • target_url - The Target URL, including http:// (Optional)
  • freq_cap - Limit on number of visits per unique user in 24 hour period. Choose from "3", "6" or "12". (Optional)
  • bl_subid - Adds subid to blacklist. (Optional)
  • del_bl_subid - Removes subid from blacklist. (Optional)
  • wl_subid - Adds subid to whitelist. (Optional)
    • premium_bid - Premium bid amount for whitelisted subid. (Required)
    • other_subid_traffic - Allow traffic from whitelisted subids plus all other subids associated with this campaign.
      On is 1 and off is 0. Default is 1 (on). (Optional)
  • del_wl_subid - Removes subid from whitelist. (Optional)
  • remarketing_multiple - Set your max bid for the remarketed visit at multiple times the original cpc price. Minimum is "2". "0" means to turn remarketing off. (Optional)

Notes: Make sure to URL encode all values.

Example query and response:

In this example, we will be update the RON ".us.subp.desktop.windows.chrome" to use the target URL "http://www.trellian.com?subid=$SUBID".

Example query:


Note the URL encoding on the values.


<result Setting="TargetUrl" Success="1" Value="http://www.trellian.com?subid=$SUBID"/>

The above response means that the URL in the RON campaign was successfully updated.

Error Responses:

Possible error responses for this function are:

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.