API Queries - Add RON

The add_ron function creates a new RON. This function requires additional parameters. Failing to include them will result in an error response.

Additional Parameters

  • folder - Name of the folder where the RON is to be added. (Required)
  • country - Countries to target for RON. (1 per query). (Required)
    Note: View the full list Country List.
  • daily_limit - Daily spend limit for the RON. (Optional)
  • traffic_type - Select from "all", "desktop" or "mobile". Default is "all". (Optional)
  • adult_filter - Select from "all" (no filter), "adult" (Adult Only) or "nonadult" (Non-Adult only). Default is "all". (Optional)
  • os_target - Select from "all", "android", "macos", "windows", "ios" or "linux". Default is "all". (Optional)
  • browser_target - Select from "all", "msie", "chrome", "firefox", "safari", "opera" or "edge". Default is "all". (Optional)
  • price - Select from "05", "04", "03", "02", "01" or "subp". Default is "05". (Optional)
  • target_url - The Target URL, including http:// (Required)
  • active - Activate the RON upon creation. On "1" or off "0". Default is "1" (on). (Optional)
  • freq_cap - Limit on number of visits per unique user in 24 hour period. Choose from "3", "6" or "12".
    Default is "6". (Optional)
  • remarketing_multiple - Set your max bid for the remarketed visit at multiple times the original cpc price. Minimum is "2". "0" means to turn remarketing off. (Optional)


  • If traffic type "desktop" is set, you can not use OS target "android" or "ios".
  • If traffic type "mobile" is set, you can not use OS target "macos" or "linux".
  • If price "subp" is set, you can not use the parameter "browser_target".
  • Make sure to URL encode all values, most importantly the target_url value.

Example query and response:

In this example, we will be add a RON in the folder "RON Campaigns" with a country target of "US", daily limit of "50", traffic type "desktop", OS target "windows", browser target "chrome", price of "subp", a target URL "http://www.trellian.com", not active "0" and with a frequency cap of "6".

Example query:


Note the URL encoding on the values.


<result Folder="RON Campaigns" RON=".us.subp.desktop.windows.chrome" Status="Added"/>

The above response means that the RON campaign was successfully created and will be in the "Stopped" status.

Error Responses:

Possible error responses for this function are:

For a complete list of error responses, see the Error Codes manual page.