Our Direct Advertisers Will Drive Your RPMs Significantly Higher

Our mission is to get you the highest payouts possible for each and every domain visitor.

This is why we sell as much of your traffic as possible directly to high-paying premium advertisers via AutoPilot’s Maximizer system.

Q: How does Above.com’s AutoPilot Maximizer system find premium direct advertisers?

A: Since 2008, Above.com’s parent company, Trellian Direct Search Network, has been developing trusted relationships with an exclusive network of premium partners and direct advertisers.

To join Trellian’s network, new advertisers are carefully screened and must follow rigid advertising requirements. We take these extra steps because we believe it is important to manage and monitor the destination of every one of your domain visitors. In fact, since destinations are very difficult to monitor and control on traffic exchanges, we never take the easy route of selling traffic through exchanges. We truly care about protecting the value of your domain assets.

Q: Why do Trellian Direct Search Network’s premium direct advertisers bid and pay so much more than parking?

A: It boils down to high quality traffic and superior relevancy. This is what our advertisers want. And this is exactly what we have been delivering since 2008.

By constantly focusing on traffic quality and relevancy, we are continuously earning the trust of our advertisers. That is why they are willing to pay a healthy, premium rate for your traffic obtained from our platform.

Q: What if there are no advertisers interested in buying the keywords or categories associated with one of my traffic domains?

A: At any given moment, if there are no advertisers bidding on the keywords associated with one of your domains, then our AutoPilot platform will find and send the traffic from that domain to the highest paying parking company.

This is a great example of how AutoPilot does all the work while you focus your valuable time elsewhere.