Insurance Offers Performing Well Year-Round

After a tough year, insurance is more important than ever to consumers. Everyone knows “life happens” which is why insurance is one of the best performing verticals year-round.

Within the insurance vertical, there are many categories of insurance to choose from.

One example of these different categories would be health insurance. Just last week the special enrollment period for subsidized health insurance was extended to August 15.

Another example is travel insurance. As travel starts picking up again more travelers are opting to insure their trips against mishaps. According to CNN, there was a 500% rise in travelers who bought “cancel for any reason” insurance last year. Some countries are even requiring travel insurance for international travel.

No matter which type of insurance campaign you choose to run, we have relevant and high quality traffic available.

Try one of the categories of insurance below, or contact your account manager to ask about traffic inventory in your vertical!