How To Improve Your Campaign ROI

Blacklisting and Whitelisting SubIDs is a fast and effective way to improve the ROI of your Trellian campaigns.  Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Add a subid tracking tag to your campaign Target URL. Follow the online toolip example when entering the Target URL in “Add Campaign” screen. Or watch our Target URL tutorial video for instructions.
  2. Ensure that your website analytics tool is setup to track subid performance. Let your campaign run for a short while. Then use this performance data to identify under-performing and high performing subids. As a reminder, each domain name in our network is assigned a unique subid.
  3. Blacklist the under-performing subids and whitelist the high performing subids. Follow the instructions in our online manual or watch our Blacklisting and Whitelisting tutorial video.

To submit subids for Blacklisting or Whitelisting, first click the “Optimize” link next to the desired keyword in your campaign folder’s dashboard. In the pop-up window, enter subids to blacklist in the first tab. See screenshot below.

Enter subids to whitelist in the second tab. See screenshot below.

Note that for each whitelisted subid you can submit an alternative, higher Max Bid in order to increase the odds of winning the auction for traffic from this specific whitelisted domain/subid.

In addition, you can indicate whether you only want traffic from the specific whitelisted subid, or whether you want to receive traffic from all the other subids mapped to the designated keyword. The keyword’s default Max Bid would apply to all these other subids.