AutoPilot Boosts Revenue on 100k Domain Portfolio

A domain investor with over 100,000 domains no longer had the time or patience to test, analyze and determine how to maximize the earning potential for each domain.

AutoPilot not only offered to do all this work for him, but also provided insightful, consolidated performance tracking reports. So he contacted his account manager to develop an account setup and transition plan.

By enabling multiple monetization channels to compete for his traffic in real time, AutoPilot was able to send traffic from each of his domains to the channel offering the highest earning potential.

Note: Before changing name servers, the monetization of each domain was restricted to the parking company it was pointed to. After pointing to’s DNS, AutoPilot was able to redistribute the traffic to the highest earning channel.

Below are the redistribution results after 2 months on AutoPilot.

Before: Traffic Distribution Prior to AutoPilot

  • 53% to Parking Company A
  • 42% to Parking Company B
  • 5% to Parking Companies C and D combined

After: Traffic Distribution on AutoPilot

  • 44% to Parking Company A
  • 11% to Parking Company B
  • 31% to Parking Companies C and D combined
  • 14% to AutoPilot Maximizer premium zero click channel

Bottom-line: After just 2 months, AutoPilot boosted revenue by 12% as a result of redistributing traffic on a domain-by-domain basis to the highest earning monetization channel.

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