Our Normalized RPMs Make Parking Company Comparisons Apples to Apples

Each parking company has a different, hidden method for counting “unique” visitors. Because there are differences, we refer to the traffic stats received from parking companies as “Reported” traffic instead of “Uniques”.

  • Some parking companies may have a 24 hour cycle before resetting the counting of uniques. While other parking companies might reset the counting of uniques every 6 or 12 hours.
  • Some parking companies may count unique visitors from China while other companies may exclude Chinese traffic.
  • The list of differences can go on and on.

Why are these differences important? Since each parking company has a different method for counting uniques, comparing RPMs between domain names monetized at different parking companies can lead to incorrect apples to oranges conclusions.

We offer a solution for this problem.

  • For AutoPilot clients pointing domains to our name servers, we use a consistent methodology for calculating the number of “Uniques” hitting our DNS. We call the results “Normalized Uniques”.
  • These “Normalized Uniques” are used to calculate the “Normalized RPMs” (nRPM) and “Normalized CTRs” (nCTR) displayed in your AutoPilot dashboard.
  • By removing the inconsistent methodology used for RPM and CTR calculations, our nRPM and nCTR calculations allow you to compare the performance of domains and parking companies on an apples to apples basis. As a result, you have the ability to make more accurate, informed decisions.