Above.com to share sales profit of expired domain names with registrar clients

Above.com announces a program for sharing domain sales profit from expired domains. The Expiring Domain Sales Program is an opt-in program offered to clients with more than ten domain names registered at Above.com. Participants of the program would retain 60% of the profit from the sale of any domains that they let expire at Above. All expiring domains will be auctioned in the Above Marketplace.

“We recognize that not all domains will be renewed each month,” says Victor Pitts, Director of Domain Services at Above. “Domain investors will frequently allow some of their inventory to expire in order to register domains that will perform better in their business model.”

Most registrars will sell what expired inventory they can and keep 100% of the profits. Above.com would like give most of the profit back. “We want to reward our customers for their business they do in our ICANN accredited domain registrar,” says David Warmuz, President and Founder of Above.com. “We like the idea of giving our registrar clients a new source of income. “