A Peek Behind the Scenes

From the time our network was first launched in 2008, quality and relevancy have been top priorities.

That is why we only accept direct navigation search traffic if it comes directly from domain owners via our Above.com business unit. We want full control because we want to maximize the success of your campaigns.

Here is how the process works.

Step 1: When a domain owner points domains to Above.com’s name servers, keywords are carefully assigned to each domain. Our goal is to ensure that when you are the winning bidder on a given keyword, you are getting highly relevant traffic.

Step 2: Advertisers use our proprietary auction-based bidding technology to submit CPV (cost per visitor) bids on Keyword or Run-of-Network campaigns.

Step 3: The advertiser with the winning bid for a given keyword receives traffic from domains tagged with the respective keyword. Users are zero click redirected to the advertiser’s landing page.

Step 4: When advertisers get zero click traffic, they are getting users whose focus and motivation have not been diminished by the competing ads and content associated with traditional search. High quality + high relevancy + lower cost than PPC = Great ROI.

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